Announcing: Next Year’s News

I am thrilled to share with all of you that, beginning September 2016, I will be joining the staff at The Church of the Advent in Boston as Associate Organist & Choirmaster. Ross Wood, the current Associate Organist & Choirmaster, will take his retirement, (which will consist of cooking cassoulet, travelling to all corners of the world, and making us all jealous with his photos on Facebook), and I will begin working with organist and choirmaster Mark Dwyer at this fantastic church in the heart of, what I consider to be, my “home city” in the U.S.A.

Announcing this while in the middle of a wonderful trip through Germany (Frankfurt, Ingelheim am Rhein, Mainz, Stuttgart, and Herrenberg) gives it a special accent. Although I cannot yet imagine going back to the United States, having such an amazing position to which to return makes me anxious for this September to arrive quickly… while I wish my time in Europe could last forever. It will be such a phenomenal experience to work with the Aeolian-Skinner organ, the Choir of the Church of the Advent, the Parish Choir, and the rest of the esteemed staff at this historic institution and cornerstone of Bostonian (and American) musical and liturgical life!


One thought on “Announcing: Next Year’s News

  1. Lois Toeppner says:

    That is so WONDERFUL!!!! Hurray for you. That’s the best church music and organ in Boston! I will spread the news!
    And here I was going to invite you to come and play a mini-recital at my church in Sudbury, MA (St. John Lutheran, J.W.Walker, 26 r/2m, 1988, mechanical action) when you come back to the area. I affiliate with both Boston/Worcester chapters and I’d like particularly to have you meet the Worcester organists!

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